Fly Quiet Toolkit

BridgeNet is well-known for its innovative air traffic visualization and analysis tools. This includes many features specifically designed for the development, analysis, and administration of Fly Quiet Programs, which is used by multiple airports (SFO, ORD, SNA, JAC, and ASE, TEB, LGA, EWR, and JFK) to track and report on their FQPs. This program, called the “FQP Tool Kit” uses data analytics reporting tools that allow the viewing of the results in a computer browser or mobile applications.

Our software is specifically designed for all aspects of a Fly Quiet Program and has a successful track record of providing airports with the following solutions:

  • Flight track visualization and analysis
  • Flight procedure design and analysis
  • Operations analysis and reporting (runway use, etc.)
  • Real-time tracking and dashboard reporting available on-demand
  • Design and host public-facing dashboard reports
  • 3D visualization tools to communicate flight procedure designs and benefits to stakeholders including airlines and community groups
  • Optional ability to add ADS-B ground stations for overcoming blocking of aircraft information

BridgeNet also has extensive experience with data analytics and dashboard reporting using Microsoft PowerBI. This allows us to create Fly Quiet web-based reports that are real time and with drill-down capabilities. This method uses automation and is considerably better, both in terms of data accuracy, and is easier and less time consuming for airport staff to use than traditional reporting using a noise system.

See this link for an example of our FQP reporting capabilities:

JWA Sample

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