BridgeNet was founded over 15 year ago on the principle that the data has a story to tell. This principle continues to guide BridgeNet and the services it offers, including a dedicated graphics department. This department provides us with products that are more powerful than ever with the evolution of in-house software and talent to create amazing stories through still and moving 3D pictures.


Why did BridgeNet integrate a graphics department?

Research at 3M Corporation concluded that we process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Visual depiction of information seamlessly integrates our technical and graphic art departments. In-house graphic capability allows us to streamline client projects, expediting the products by not requiring a third-party graphic house to be in the mix. One call takes care of a client’s technical and graphic needs.

Our engineers created programs to show aircraft and airspace in 3D, but graphic needs go beyond Volans, all the way to Santa. Santa, you say? Our graphic art department has provided services ranging from airport noise office websites to 3D renderings of Santa delivering presents using NextGen technology.